YUSHI GROUP, focus on supplying natural marble. The head office is located in Xiamen, a beautiful maritime city, adjacent to the world's most important stone capital - Shuitou city, China. 

Our quarry is located in northeast China. Since the marble quarry was built in 2010, benefited from the unique mining conditions and geographical advantages, tens of thousands of tons of high-quality blocks can be quarried every month. One of the stone varieties of YUSHI GROUP--“Frozen White” has been exported to many countries around the world and can be regarded as a representative variety of white stone in China. 

We have a stone industry base covering an area of 80,000 square meters adjacent to the northeast port. The base has advanced equipment, experienced team and sufficient inventory, which can ensure continuous and stable provision of high-quality blocks, slabs, cut to size, countertop , mosaics and other series of products and supporting best services to our customers. 

The application of stone material and design are inseparable--The founder of Yushi Group is well aware of it and regularly participates in international stone fairs and design exhibitions every year. In line with the principle of integrity first, customer-oriented, and striving for excellence, we have continuously introduced new products and won good reputation from our customers over the years. 

YUSHI GROUP, In the enthusiasm of natural marble at the same time continue to explore more excellent design, committed to bringing our customers more ideal scene experience, more excellent quality, and more professional services. We look forward to walking into the magical world of natural marble with you and feeling the beauty of natural stone.